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Sun Feb 13 18:47:32 UTC 2011

On Sun, 13 Feb 2011 10:53:09 -0800, Rem P Roberti <remegius at> wrote:
> I completely misspoke, having confused the hard drive in question with 
> another box. This drive is a 40G drive, of which 500MB was allotted for 
> root. 

For a current FreeBSD system, this is a bit too small
(although sufficient under certain circumstances).
Making / 1G or 2G should be fully sufficient in all

> When I ran your command I noticed the /boot/kernel.old was very 
> large, so I moved the whole thing over to my home directory, which 
> finally allowed me to boot the computer normally. 

The .old file is a backup of the previous kernel, this
backup is created automatically when you "make installkernel".

> This was an intuitive 
> move, and probably not that kosher, but it worked. 

It simply removes the ability to boot the old kernel, which
doesn't seem to be a problem here.

> But where do we go 
> from here?

Check your kernel configuration (remove symbols), maybe
remove building of modules you don't need (see "man src.conf"
for details), repeat the installation procedure outlined
in /usr/src/Makefile (comment section at the beginning).

You should then end up with a fully functional updated system.

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