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On Sun, 13 Feb 2011 08:51:12 -0800, Rem Roberti <remegius at> wrote:
> This is a new one for me.  I decided to do a manual update on my 8.1 
> box, starting with csup.  Buildworld went fine, as did buildkernel.  
> However, when I tried to install the new kernel installkernel choked 
> with an error message telling me that it could not proceed because the 
> root partition was full.  What!  I did a df and sure enough the root 
> partition was overloaded.  When I installed the system I used 
> sysinstalls recommended sizes for the root partion, which is around 
> 10G. 

Where is it advised to make / 10 GB? Do you have any other
functional parts that get their own partition traditionally
(such as /tmp, /var, /usr) on the / partition?

The installation process should not make the system bigger,
as updating the system usually keeps nearly the same sizes.
An exception is the kernel: Here, a backup of the previous
kernel will be generated.

On a partition / with 10 GB capacity and at least 1 GB free
you should not run into problems. Kernel and modules should
not grow bigger than that.

> Anyway, when I rebooted, the system rebooted into single user 
> mode, and that is presently where I stand.  I have no idea how to 
> proceed at this point, and would appreciate any help in fixing this. 

You could try to mount the partitions via

	# mount -a
	# exit

and bring up the system in multi-user mode, if possible.
You can try to make sure there is sufficient space on the
/ partition to repeat the system and kernel installation

Make sure you read the comment section of /usr/src/Makefile
which gives a very good roadmap of how to properly perform
an update.

> Of 
> course, I smell a newbie type error in all of this, but haven't quite 
> figured out where I went wrong.

If you can provide command output. You can use the program
"script" to make a copy of all terminal input/output to a

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