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Sun Feb 13 13:41:11 UTC 2011

On Sun, 13 Feb 2011 13:10:51 +0000, Bruce Cran <bruce at> wrote:
> For some, Office is unusable due to the new Ribbon interface and
> libreoffice is the usable office suite due to its familiar menus.

Users who have already used PCs are familiar with the menu
technique of functionality presentation. Scanning them is
a lot faster than trying to find things in an always-changing
context-sensitive Ribbon interface where things tend to
rearrange whatever your focus is currently on. On the
other hand, the Ribbon would be good for new users who do
not have to re-learn things and who are not good at thinking
in categories, or good at thinking at all. :-)

No, seriously: Provided certain parameters (big screen, no
established knowledge, no need for consistency, average
visual perception and discrimination abilities), the
Ribbon can benefit work. Just because *I* do not feel
familiar with it, it doesn't mean that others have to
judge the same way.

Oh, and you don't really need it when you already know
the keyboard shortcuts, which is ESSENTIAL for serious
work (because it's faster). :-)

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