VESA and SDL in tty terminal

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Fri Feb 11 23:22:58 UTC 2011

David Demelier <demelier.david at> writes:

> On 10/02/2011 15:37, Anonymous wrote:
>> David Demelier<demelier.david at>  writes:
>>> Hello,
>>> The SDL's pkg-message says we can use video driver in tty terminal.
>>>   To do this you have to load the vesa kernel module or enable it in your
>>>   kernel, and set environment variable "SDL_VIDEODRIVER=vgl".
>>> I tried it with mplayer :
>>> $ mplayer -vo sdl<the file here>
>> [...]
>>> [VO_SDL] Set_fullmode: SDL_SetVideoMode failed: Unable to switch to
>>> requested mode.
>> IIRC, vgl(3) mode setting unlike vidcontrol(8) doesn't work as regular user.
>> Try running mplayer under root
> Hi it works fine except after leaving mplayer or any SDL application
> my tty seems broken. I can't switch to a tty anymore my screen stays
> black and I must reboot/shutdown (no panic)

I'd try changing ttyvN using chvt[1], e.g.

  $ sudo mplayer ...; sleep 2 && sudo chvt 1

And as mode-setting is somewhat buggy I'd suggest to start with the
least problematic mode, i.e.

      mode#     flags   type    size       font      window      linear buffer
   24 (0x018) 0x00000001 T 80x25           8x16  0xb8000 32k 32k 0x00000000 32k

and scaling every video to the desired resolution using vf_scale

  #fs = false # implied
  #vm = false # implied
  # 1600x1200 (native) is broken, downscale
  vf-add = scale=1270:-2
  vf-add = scale=-2:1020::::::1

    the one I use -

> Are you encountering the same issue? There is no way to use vgl as
> regular user or we could open a PR for it?

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