[RELEASE] host-setup(1): a dialog(1)-based utility for configuring FreeBSD

Ian Smith smithi at nimnet.asn.au
Fri Feb 11 15:30:43 UTC 2011

In freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 349, Issue 8, Message: 15
On Thu, 10 Feb 2011 19:53:53 -0800 Devin Teske <dteske at vicor.com> wrote:
 > Hi All,
 > I'd like to announce the release of a new script. A script that I've
 > developed for our field engineers that I'd like to share with the rest
 > of the world.
 > http://druidbsd.sourceforge.net/download/host-setup.txt
 > host-setup(1) is a dialog(1)-based utility (written in sh(1)) designed
 > to make configuring FreeBSD more efficient.

Nice, if only as great bedtime reading so far; I've already learned some 
new techniques.  I expect to steal lots of it wholesale (acknowledged :)

cheers, Ian

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