Debian GNU/kFreeBSD 6.0 "Squeeze" has been released

Bahman Kahinpour bahman.linux at
Thu Feb 10 05:23:11 UTC 2011

I do not think it is due to a bug (I am not sure actually). Because
when I check the download links, it is the case for some other
architectures too. (with Linux kernel) Isn't it because of bandwidth
limits or stuff like that? Maybe they will put the images on the site
a month later or so.

On 2/9/11, Robert Millan <rmh at> wrote:
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> follow-up there since this is off-topic in FreeBSD mailing lists ]
> 2011/2/9 Bahman Kahinpour <bahman.linux at>:
>> And according to the CHECKSUMS available in that directory there
>> should be 7 DVD-ROMs for each architecture (amd64, i386):
>> debian-6.0.0-kfreebsd-<arch>-DVD-<N>.iso where <arch>=amd64/i386 and
>> N=1...7 but only the first DVD-ROM is available for each architecture.
>> Where are other DVD-ROMs?
> These images currently install by downloading packages via internet.  The
> CD/DVD is not actually used (except for booting) because of a bug in
> the installer.
> The fix for this bug will be included in 6.0r1, but for now it doesn't
> matter which ISO you download, they all do a network install.
> --
> Robert Millan

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