Trying to Make an Alias Execute a Perl Script

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Wed Feb 9 19:55:37 UTC 2011

At 02:42 PM 2/5/2011, peter at wrote:

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>I've tried this entry in my /etc/mail/aliases file, but it returns an empty e-mail messages:
>     extract: "| perl -wne 'while(/[\S\.]+@[\S\.]+\w+/g){print "$&\n"}' | mail user"
>[and this one]:
>     extract: "| cat > datafile | perl -wne 'while(/[\S\.]+@[\S\.]+\w+/g){print "$&\n"}' < datafile | mail user"
>but [they] return an empty e-mail message rather than a list of e-mail addresses.  
>What am I overlooking?  

A kind soul helped me figure out how to make this work.  This e-mail alias:

    extract:      "| cat > /home/peter/datafile | /home/peter/ < /home/peter/datafile | mail -s \"Results\" user 

combined with this Perl script:

     while (<STDIN>)
        { while(/[\S\.]+@[\S\.]+\w+/g){print "$&\n"};

delivers the desired list of e-mail addresses.


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