Accessing a GPT drive

Mario Lobo lobo at
Tue Feb 8 14:35:48 UTC 2011


Os: FreeBSD amd64 w/ options GEOM_PART_GPT

I added a drive to my system which I installed win7 64. The drive is 500G.
I gave 100G to win7. Then I created an ext2 partition with the unallocated
space with a gparted cd.
fdisk shows the MBR of the drive with the win7 system and data partitions
and the ext2 partition created.

I need to access both the NTFS win7 and ext2 partitions from freeBSD. FBSD
"sees" the drive (ada2) but does not "see" the partitions. I need to access
the ext2 partition
from both FBSD and win7. I have another ext2 on the other drive that both
OSs see fine but that drive
has MBR scheme.  Win7 only installs in a GPT partition.

What I really need if for FBSD to access that drive.

I've googled for a couple days but didn't find any clues that could help me.

Anybody has any hints on how I could make this work?


Mario Lobo
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