shutdown computer after the halt command

John R. Levine johnl at
Tue Feb 8 03:31:24 UTC 2011

> It's quite easy to see you're wrong, just follow the steps I outlined
> above.  If you are correct, reboot(8) should print things like:
> Stopping sshd.
> to the console.

Sigh.  I shut down my FreeBSD 8.1 laptop all the time with halt -p, and I
can assure you it prints all those messages.

> You can also reference init.c if you still think you're correct.

No thanks, I've already read the man page for init, including this

      When shutting down the machine, init will try to run the /etc/rc.shutdown
      script.  This script can be used to cleanly terminate specific programs
      such as innd (the InterNetNews server).  If this script does not termi-
      nate within 120 seconds, init will terminate it.  The timeout can be con-
      figured via the sysctl(8) variable kern.init_shutdown_timeout.

If you're unfamiliar with rc.shutdown, it also has a man page.

Perhaps your copy of FreeBSD was installed incorrectly, or it's been
so long since you tried halt or reboot that you forgot what happened.

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