Marco Steinbach coco at executive-computing.de
Tue Feb 8 02:38:25 UTC 2011

Hi there,

I'm trying to break a FreeBSD/i386 machine into the debugger via serial 
console connected to an older Avocent CPS 1600 serial terminal server. 
I'm using cu on another FreeBSD/i386 machine to connect to one of the 
other serial ports of the Avocent.

The CPS offers a "port break" command for creating a break condition on 
an attached serial port, but that doesn't trigger anything on the 
receiving FreeBSD machine.

Using a direct serial connection (just 2x3, GND) between the machines 
works, though.

I realize this being quite a long shot -- Someone ever used such a box 
successfuly for the purpose ?

MfG CoCo

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