OpenSSH could be faster...then why don't they path it??

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> On Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 5:42 AM, Bill Moran <wmoran at>
> wrote:
> > Also, I'm having trouble understanding how people like that get
> > grants to do work like that.  On the one hand, they obviously know
> > enough about cryptography to make improvements.  On the other hand,
> > they can't seem to get a grip on the fact that the code will need
> > to have a license before anyone can grab it and incorporate it.  I
> > can't find anywhere on that page where it tells me what terms I am
> > allowed to use those patches under.
> This seems to be a big problem with academia in general.  I almost
> never see a piece of code associated with a research paper that has a
> coherent license attached to it.  Often there's no license at all.  I
> don't know if this is ignorance or if there are bureaucratic hurdles
> at work here.  It's possible it's the latter, since universities often
> want to profit off of licensing the research that's done on their
> sites.

A university or any business for that matter certainly has the right to
profit from any research or other work done on a given project if such
research or work were done using the university's or business's

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