Set tty resolution using with VESA

David Demelier demelier.david at
Sun Feb 6 15:51:19 UTC 2011


I don't like much to use allscreens_flags to set my tty resolution 
because it's done at the end of /etc/rc process. I know we can edit the in /boot/device.hints to set the resolution at the 
earliest stage.

I want to use the 1366x768 mode :

# vidcontrol -i mode
[... snip ...]
496 (0x1f0) 0x0000001f G 1366x768x32 D   8x16  0xa0000 64k 64k 
0xc0000000 4128k

To use this mode I should write"0x1f00180" where 80 
means VESA mode following the sc(4) manpage.

It seems that my resolution is like 1024x768 when I bootup and not the 
one I want. However when I use vidcontrol MODE_496 after boot it works 
pretty well.

Is there something wrong on my line ?


David Demelier

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