Status of UDF driver on FreeBSD?

Rolf Nielsen listreader at
Thu Feb 3 23:10:35 UTC 2011

2011-02-03 22:38, Alexander Best skrev:
> On Thu Feb  3 11, Rolf Nielsen wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've never given this any thought, until I recently bought a Blu-ray
>> drive, and realised that I can neither mount commercial Blu-ray discs or
>> watch the films with mplayer. As I understand the problem, it is because
>> FreeBSD has no support for newer versions of UDF and that Blu-ray films
>> use UDF 2.50 or 2.60. I did find some suggestion for a Summer of Code
>> project to port the NetBSD implementation of UDF, and that that has
>> support for newer versions, and also write support. So my question is,
>> is there any work being done on this, and if so, what is its status?
> i don't think anybody is working on this atm. please also note that there's
> a PR related to this issue [1]. also openbsd seems to have support for udf
> 2.50 and 2.60, too.
> cheers.
> alex
> [1]

I see. Thanks. It's not that important to me, because I am able to 
create UDF Blu-ray discs (e.g. with matroska files or audio files) that 
are readable in my Blu-ray player, and that seems more important than 
being able to play films on my computer. However, it would be fun to 
have a bdauthor similar to dvdauthor, and being able to create BD Video 
discs (that may of course be possible without being able to actually 
read the discs on the computer; I've never been able to get anything 
vcdimager creates to work on my computer, but they work perfectly on 
every DVD player I've tried). Discussions about such an authoring app 
isn't for this list though, and that's why I brought up only the UDF 
bit. Anyway, thanks for replying.

>> Sincerely,
>> Rolf Nielsen

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