Using foo2zjs filter without CUPS (with FreeBSD's standard LPD instead)

Bahman Kahinpour bahman.linux at
Wed Feb 2 18:54:43 UTC 2011


I have a HP LaserJet P1102 printer and I managed to get it working
with CUPS and "foo2zjs" filter from I am interested
in removing the CUPS and using the native LPD system of FreeBSD. But I
have a question.

What command should I specify as "if" Input Filter or "of" Output
Filter in the /etc/printcap file for using it with LPD and foo2zjs

The point is that I am sure it will work with foo2zjs and LPD as
/dev/ulpt0 is recognized and works fine and I may simply use that as
output port and there is nothing CUPS-dependent in foo2zjs.

Thanks in advance
Good Luck
Bahman Kahinpour

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