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Bas Smeelen b.smeelen at
Sat Dec 31 14:18:19 UTC 2011

On 12/31/2011 01:02 PM, Joe Gain wrote:
> Writers who rely on ideological positions such as (socialism || fascism ||
> jedi-knight == good | bad) really need to go visit a social science mailing
> list. It's not like political/ religious mailing lists don't exist.
> My positivist take on things:
> 1. Nobody is stopping anybody from changing their freebsd kernel. The same
> cannot be said of MS Windows. Documentation is an excuse.
FreeBSD is very well documented!
I guess a lot of people can't cope with how structured and professional 
it is. They are used to chaos, fear, uncertainty and doubt and feel 
comfortable that way.
> 2. FreeBsd is a main-stream O/S-- just look at the number of different
> architectures/applications which are supported by FreeBSD.
Main stream and top player for web and internet servers
> 3. FreeBSD isn't even hard to use, if you only want to use it like 80% of
> computer users, to run your web browser, watch videos and listen to music.
> People who consider it difficult might like to remember their first
> experiences with learning windows.
I guess PCBSD is easier and better for the average desktop user, those 
guys do a good job at this!
FreeBSD is the easiest to use for me on servers and even on the desktop 
but I still have a linux ubuntu desktop though
To get a good desktop going without initial internet connection it is a 
daunting task on FreeBSD
> 4. Drivers aren't really a limitation. Look at the history of computing,
> that modern O/S support such diverse platforms is an amazing development.
> As far as I'm concerned, FreeBSD supports main stream components, there are
> no classes of components that I'm aware of which aren't supported by
> FreeBSD. If you need to use a particular device, for which there is no
> driver, historically it's not unusual to find that on any particular
> platform a particular device is not supported.
It supports most things except the things you wouldn't want anyway
> 5. Nobody is making anyone use FreeBSD. It's free. If you don't enjoy it,
> don't use it. Maybe remove yourself from the mailing list-- or don't, if
> you just want to stay informed.
If you don't like it, please leave, there are a lot of alternatives
> Normative takes:
> 6. Is FreeBSD better than windows? For me it is. For me it's stabler. What
> I remember from using windows, and what I'm aware of, from people around me
> who use windows is that over time, the system seems to degrade. This leads
> to really major actions such as re-installation every 6mths or so. And...
It is!
> 7. The temptation to install illegal software on MS Windows is very high.
> Who wants to pay for every little gimmicky app? Who can afford to pay for
> some major applications, which are needed for studying etc.? This often
> leads to an unstable system and security problems. The ports system in
> comparison is a much preferred "software/ application distribution system"
> because at least you get to look at the source code, if you want to.
Most windows users and professionals I know are plane thieves, it is 
just easy for hem to get away with it. It's not my cup -o- joe and I 
refuse to be like that, no illegal software for me.
> 8. It's an individual choice. Depends what you use your computer for.
> maths/R is one of my favorite applications and it even runs on windows.
It's all about choice and I'd rather learn from history than repeat it 
over and over
> May the force be with you!
Use the force Luke, read the source :)



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