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David Jackson djackson452 at
Fri Dec 30 19:57:00 UTC 2011

> Again, as we did discuss (and agree upon) before,
> supporting FreeBSD is not in the scope of hardware
> manufacturers. Supporting more than the platform
> they get "aliments" for simply wouldn't pay. The
> unit sales for _this_ world of IT are simply to
> low to justify the work.
That is the chicken and egg problem, an OS with bad hardware support people
dont want to use, hardware vendors dont want to support OSs with few users.

> The alternative would be to release all the specs
> for the hardware. But if a manufacturer doesn't
> want to do this, primarily to _not_ publish
> essentials of the business, it is okay. Of course,
> this makes it harder for _free_ volunteers to
> write a driver. One could argument: The manufacturer
> _doesn't_ want you to use his hardware on any OS
> that is not "Windows" - which again is his right.
> > I am not a socialist asshole.
> I'm happy to hear that, so please don't behave like one.
Fascism is a derogatory term. Socialism, is not, means in its correct
definition worker democratic control of the business they work for. One
example is an employee owned corporation. it does not mean in correct
definition central control, in fact, it is democratic and distributed
power. The meaning of the term has been distorted by revisionists.

Communism is where the idea that people contribute what they produce to the
community and then receive what they need from the community, sort of like
barter. It is a stateless system, hence, the revisionist US definition of
the term is wrong, communist societies do not have a government.
Communism/anarchism may be possible where there is a massive overabundance
of resources, but with how overpopulated the world is those days are long

Stalinism is the proper term for the USSR as it was for many years, or
state capitalism, where a dictatorship controlled a lot and it was not a
democratic government, North Korea is also state capitalist. These are not
communist or socialist societies in any way whatsoever. "communist in name
only". North Korea calling itself Communist is scandaleous, and as
scandalous is people in the USA to similarily corrupt the term and defile
its original meaning.

The US economy has long been a hybrid of government and private industry
and in fact, that is what tends to be most workable, government is better
at doing some things, private industry at others.

BSD remember was funded by the US government with DARPA contracts for many
years. I think the investment of public money was well worth it in creating
an operating system that is open and publicly accessible.

> > I don't expect the government to bankroll
> > me while I sit on my ass working on a hobby.
> So why do _you_ bankroll the government with your
> tax money for sitting on their ass spying at you
> or doing nothing? :-)
Operating systems have become ubiqutous . Why not publicly fund an OS that
is open and that everyone can use rather than be stuck with closed, crappy
OSs from Greedy corporations like Microsoft.

Remember, BSD was funded by the US governemnt.

> > If FreeBSD really wanted to make a quality product they would hire
> > competent programmers to create the drivers, etcetera that are seriously
> > needed. I would gladly pay any reasonable charge for a product that
> > worked. I am not a socialist/fascist asshole and I despise those who
> > are. Other OSs have all ready gone this route.
I would also be willing to buy FreeBSD as an OS if
> the functionality I require can be purchased that
> way. It's not that I'm using free software exclusively.
> I can't do that because _my_ reqirements are 99% met
> by free software, and 1% isn't, and this is where I
> happily pay to get things working.
> Contribute to FreeBSD Foundation, FreeBSD improvements can be funded with
voluntary contributions if people make them.

> > By the way, just out of morbid curiosity, how are ASLR and KMS support
> > coming along? Doing a quick perusal it would appear that everyone but
> > FreeBSD supports them. I am sure if I am in error and FreeBSD has full
> > support for them you will inform me of same.
> I think KMS is still a Linuxism, such as Wayland. But
> it's possible that it will arrive in FreeBSD when an
> urgent need by its users is expressed. As long as this
> is a "niche application", I don't think support will
> be created. You know, it's _very_ deep inside the
> bowels of the OS where this work has to be done..

KMS is what allows the kernel to basically restore the video display to a
functioning condition of the X server crashes? is that all it does?


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