SSL/TLS suddenly stopped working for postfix

Mark mark at
Fri Dec 30 16:53:24 UTC 2011

My apologies for the cross-posting but I believe it is relevant.

     I have been running postfix for 8+ months without problems.  
Recently ( a week or two) I had a user complain that he could no longer 
send.  It appears that postfix is no longer accepting SSL/TLS 
connections.  STARTTLS is working on port 587 (and possibly 25, still 
testing)  I am trying to figure out why the change.

     If I try and open an openssl connection manually, this is what I get:

openssl s_client -connect
44829:error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown 

     I recently installed a webmail client , roundcube.  Not sure if 
that could affect anything.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  I know I should send and but I have to filter out the proprietary info first...

Mark Moellering

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