Same version on binary packages and updated ports

Walter Alejandro Iglesias roquesor at
Fri Dec 30 14:30:17 UTC 2011

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 01:14:35PM +0000, RW wrote:
> If it's for a production server, you might consider building your own
> packages on a separate machine. 

My principal interest is server side.  

The true is, a year ago, I gave a try to a server (a web server)
in a VPS and the only two things I must to compile was the
kernel to add quota support and php5 to add the apache module
(surely, being a novice, that defaults obey to reasons I
ignore).  I abandoned because the provider was at US and ssh was
very slow from Europe (where I live).  With updates at server
side, the only point I'd like experienced people here give me an
opinion about is to what extent I can rely security patches on
freebsd-update command.  Just a subjective opinion is enough,
nothing specific.  Other thing I have pending to learn is what
poly mentioned: jails.

Anyway I inquire into updates because I try as far as possible
to run the same OS at my desktop to avoid checking man pages
each time I use ls or cp :-).  But, in general, I think I am
fine with RELEASE at desktop too.

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