Same version on binary packages and updated ports

Walter Alejandro Iglesias roquesor at
Thu Dec 29 18:53:30 UTC 2011

I really appreciate that you all, Jerry, Polytropon and Chuck,
took your time to answer me.  But I think some of you understood
paragraphs like individual-separated statements, that's why you
did not fully understand my question (my horrible English helps
too :-)).

Let's see if I can explain myself.

I know that FreeBSD base system and 3rd party are "managed"
separately.  For RELEASE I meant the ports included in a fresh
RELEASE install.  The scenario is: what to do after a fresh
RELEASE install.  Once you updated the ports with 'portsnap fech
extract update' you have newer versions at the port tree.  Then
you can upgrade the already installed software using
portupgrade...  But compiling!

Because, to download *binary* packages, both tools, portupgrade
and pkg_add, will download RELEASE, STABLE or CURRENT versions
of software depending on what you put in PACKAGESITE variable.

So, unless I am missing some portupgrade option-feature, once
the port tree is updated I must compile all from source.  The
opposite leads to dependencies issues.


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