"portmaster --list-origins" question

Scott Bennett bennett at cs.niu.edu
Thu Dec 29 05:56:26 UTC 2011

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     I was in the process of preparing to upgrade from 7.4 to 8.2 (at last!),
when I encountered a possible problem.  Following the portmaster man page's
suggestion to use portmaster's --list-origins option to produce a list of
installed ports in the form "category-dir/port-name-dir", I got a list that
was much shorter than expected.  I use windowmaker as a window manager and
have quite a few windowmaker-related ports installed.  Only one of those
related ports appeared in the portmaster output, and windowmaker itself was
absent, so I looked at the numbers next.

Script started on Wed Dec 28 22:39:21 2011

[hellas] 101 % nice +20 portmaster --list-origins > /tmp/ports.list
[hellas] 102 % wc -l /tmp/ports.list
     782 /tmp/ports.list
[hellas] 103 % ls /var/db/pkg|wc -l
[hellas] 104 % exit

Script done on Wed Dec 28 22:41:27 2011

As you can see above, 1253 ports, or ~62% of those installed, are missing
from the portmaster output, whereas I had expected that *all* installed
ports would be listed.
     Did I misunderstand something about the --list-origins option?  Or have
I run into a bug?  Any suggestions of how to proceed would be welcome.

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