high load system do not take all CPU time

Коньков Евгений kes-kes at yandex.ru
Wed Dec 28 20:32:35 UTC 2011

RB> [drivelectomy -- 200+ lines]

RB> You've been told the following, *repeatedly*:

RB> Your hardware is not capable of keeping up with the level of network traffic
RB> it is being subjected to.

RB> Reaaltek cards and the 're' device driver are a *BAD*CHOICE* for systems with
RB> heavy network traffic.  They're merely 'medium lousy' on a lightly-loaded
RB> system, but you don't notice the problems under light loads.

RB> You have two choices:
RB>   1) "live with" the crappy performance
RB>   2) get a better quality network card.

without only one ipfw fw rule:

 queue 54 config pipe 54 queue 50          mask dst-ip 0xffffffff gred 0.002/10/30/0.1

 275 queue 54 all from any not 80,110 to any in recv re0

works more! better:


with igb cards I get problems too! it put pptp traffice only to one
queue0 instead to spread to all: queue0 queue1 queue2 queue3 =`(((((

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