ZFS upgrade path

James Edwards jedwards at bsdftw.org
Wed Dec 28 17:18:51 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I currently have a FreeBSD server colocated and it isn't always physically
accessible.  I was trying to develop an upgrade path for my server, in
hopes to mainly save a trip to the colo center.

There are four disks, all in a single storage pool - tank.

Here is the naming convention I planned on following after 9.0 is released:

and so on

This way, in theory at least, when 9.1 (or 10.0) is released, I can simply
create tank/9.1 and the associated data sets, make my changes to /etc and
/boot, change the zfs bootfs, reboot, and finally upgrade the ZFS pools.

Is this feasible to do, or are there any caveats/gotchas I'm overlooking?


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