VirtualBox USB support

Volodymyr Kostyrko c.kworr at
Wed Dec 28 08:26:02 UTC 2011

27.12.2011 19:55, Alain G. Fabry wrote:
> Hello.... in the FreeBSD handbook it mentions there's USB support in Virtualbox. In other sources I read however that the VBoxPuelMain module is not supported in FreeBSD.

VirtualBox comes with basic USB support, extension pack provides USB2.0 

> So I'm wondering if the VBox extension pack needs to be installed since it is not mentioned in the Handbook. When trying to install the extension Pack, I get the VBoxPuelMain error, but without this and following the instructions in the handbook, my guest OS's don't see any USB devices (Nor do I see them in preferences of VBox)

You have to enable usb in machine preferences.

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