FreeBSD 8 LiveFS - How To Start SSHD?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Sun Dec 25 15:03:09 UTC 2011

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Tipton <jeff.t at> writes:

Jeff> It is the default behavior of sshd to reject root, and the reason
Jeff> is security. I, personally (and I think most of the guys there
Jeff> out), just leave it that way. Just access your server with "ssh
Jeff> <your-login-name>@<your-server-ip-or-dns-address>, and then issue
Jeff> "su" command to become root. It will ask you the root password
Jeff> which you should know if you installed the system. When you have
Jeff> done all the system maintenance that you wanted, press
Jeff> <ctrl>-d. It will move you back to your personal shell and
Jeff> environment, out of root privileges. Press the <ctrl>-d the second
Jeff> time, and you are disconnected from your server.

Or better yet, install sudo, which doesn't require you to share the root
password with a group of people, reducing auditability.

I haven't used "su" in years, except to install sudo. :)

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