Freebsd installation problem with 3ware 8506-4LP - storage controller (RAID)

heather at heather at
Sun Dec 25 05:38:07 UTC 2011

Hello, we tried to instal Freebsd with my 3ware 8506-4LP - storage 
controller (RAID)
and it seems freebsd does not support my raid card could you please 
tell me how to fox this problem?
Here below ismy data center message I got after they tried to instal 
freebsd on my server,
regards, Miss Riverso

Unfortunately it appears that FreeBSD is unable to "see" your raid card 
or the drives attached to it. I am able to setup the raid 10 array but 
once the FreeBSD installer starts, the drives are not visible. I have 
looked for any drivers that may be available for FreeBSD and I am unable 
to locate them. At this point we can either reinstall the machine with 
a different OS or provide you with a kvm

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