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> On 12/25/11 01:17, Mehmet Erol Sanliturk wrote:
>> Perhaps the following pages will be helpful :
>> serialconsole-setup.html<>
>> serial.html#SERIAL-CABLES-**PORTS<>
>> Thank you very much .
> I've read them while trying to get this going.  Just a comment on the
> freebsd handbook pages: they seem to still talk about the sio driver which
> I understand is deprecated in freebsd8.
> One thing I have not done is touch /boot/loader.conf.  I'm not worried
> about seeing the system boot messages, just the ability to login after the
> system has booted -- i.e. I did not do step 2 of 27.6.2.  Should I have?
> Matthew

I think , YES , because this statement will direct the output to serial
port , please , also study the part

2 Setting a Faster Serial Port Speed

to see messages on the server screen .

Since you are using a COMPUTER , and NOT a DUMP TERMINAL , I think you
should apply steps in the page :

As you know ,  "serial console" is a special hardware to communicate
headless computers ( without keyboard and video terminal ) . Therefore ,
communication with a "serial console" and a "computer" are different
concepts ( which I do not know exactly , but with respect to specifications
, it seems like that ) .

This means that , in the client computer ( as simulator of "serial console"
) , it is necessary to have a program to receive output inserted into
serial port by the server , and display it for you like a "serial console" .

If you use  a USB port in the client and a converter from "serial-to-USB" ,
obviously , you need that your program should be able to manage USB port
for that reason . I think management of USB port and RS 232 port are very
different concepts ( approximately ) .

These actions are performed by the "serial console" by itself .

Myself , I will use two computers to simulate a "serial console" , because
I asked price of a "serial console" ,
which come out as more than 800 Euro ( in Turkey ) .

Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk

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