chroot error: /bin/csh: No such file or directory; trying to create customized livecd/dvd

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Sat Dec 24 13:06:26 UTC 2011

On 12/24/11 22:57, Antonio Olivares wrote:
>> I'll ask a stupid question, and you're more than welcome to give a stupid
>> answer: Is /bin/csh actually _in_ your chroot?
>> So csh should be this path: /usr/home/olivares/tmp/tmp/R/bin/csh
>> HTH
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> tricorehome# pwd
> /usr/home/olivares/tmp/tmp/R
> tricorehome# ls -l /bin/csh
> -r-xr-xr-x  2 root  wheel  369288 Apr  2  2011 /bin/csh
> I am not sure if it is there now :(
I think you may have missed something there- you do realise that even 
though you've changed directory, you haven't chrooted. So when you run 
ls -l /bin/csh it is still checking your system root- not the chroot. 
Sometimes a single typo can cause huge hassles, eh? :)


cd /usr/home/olivares/tmp/tmp/R && ls -l bin/csh

Watch the "bin/csh"- don't make it an absolute path by adding the root 
(/) at the beginning.

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