chroot error: /bin/csh: No such file or directory; trying to create customized livecd/dvd

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Sat Dec 24 05:19:29 UTC 2011

On 12/24/11 14:28, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> Dear folks,
> I am trying to build a simple livecd to learn more.  I have
> successfully run some commands found here:
> # cd /usr/src
> # make buildworld DESTDIR=/usr/home/olivares/tmp/tmp/R/
> # make installworld DESTDIR=/usr/home/olivares/tmp/tmp/R/
> # make buildkernel DESTDIR=/usr/home/olivares/tmp/tmp/R/
> # make installkernel DESTDIR=/usr/home/olivares/tmp/tmp/R/
> # make distribution DESTDIR=/usr/home/olivares/tmp/tmp/R/
> all these commands are successful
> I mount devfs as instructed in command
> # mount -t devfs devfs /path/to/livecd/dev
> # chroot /path/to/livecd
> ===========================================
> tricorehome# mount -t devfs devfs /usr/home/olivares/tmp/tmp/R/
> tricorehome# chroot /usr/home/olivares/tmp/tmp/R/
> chroot: /bin/csh: No such file or directory
> ===========================================
> I have tried to use freesbie script(s) by installing freesbie port,
> but it failed and I asked questions but got few to no responses.
> I have tried to look for some scripts/SDK but not have been successful
> like frenzy's to create frenzy livecd.  There are few to no FreeBSD
> LiveCDs, only one that has been working and updated is the GhostBSD
> one by Eric Turgeon.   I see OpenBSD has several livecds/livedvds like
> jggimi, FuguITA, etc to showcase it.  NetBSD has one as well called
> Jibbed.  FreeBSD has specialized ones like PfSense, Monowall, FreeNAS,
> Mahesha, and GhostBSD.  Frenzy was apparently going to be maintained
> but no newer releases.  I have gotten feedback as to there exist
> mfsBSD by Martin Matruska,, and druidbsd,
>, but cannot do much with
> them :(
> I try to get my feet wet, but I get error and can't seem to get around it :(
> Any thoughts, ideas, comments, observations?
> I just want to create a livecd/livedvd with customized packages to
> take my desktop everywhere, I have tried several *BSD livecds out
> there, they are good, but I want to have the packages that I use and
> more newer than FreeSBIE 2.0, and roFreeSBIE 1.3.
> I have seen linux-live scripts [] by Tomas
> M, and wonder if there exist such a utility in the *BSDs, a universal
> script to create a livecd/livedvd of a running BSD ? if there is not
> any utility, how can I get around the error about /bin/csh, if it is
> apparently there:
> tricorehome# which csh
> /bin/csh
> so I can chroot to it and add packages/ports to customize the
> livecd/dvd I want to create?
I'll ask a stupid question, and you're more than welcome to give a 
stupid answer: Is /bin/csh actually _in_ your chroot?

So csh should be this path: /usr/home/olivares/tmp/tmp/R/bin/csh


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