PolicyKit confusion

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Fri Dec 23 05:37:47 UTC 2011

On Fri, 23 Dec 2011 14:18:19 +1000, Da Rock wrote:
> I checked out /media/hal-* and I see that the mount occurs only as root. 
> How do I change that exactly? I need it showing for operator group. I've 
> searched high and low and googled my brains out, but anything remotely 
> related is for linux and udev.

I think I remember I got it working some time ago
(on a 7.1 system), relying on the Gnome HAL FAQ
which stated something like this:

File: /usr/local/etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf

<config version="0.1">

<match action="org.freedesktop.hal.storage.mount-removable">
  <match user="marcus">
    <return result="NNNNN"/>

<match action="org.freedesktop.hal.storage.mount-fixed">
  <match user="marcus">
    <return result="NNNNN"/>


For "NNNNN", use your user name; I think you can also
use more than one "match" section if you want to allow
access for other users. However, I doubt all this
HAL / DBUS / PolicyKit magic is really intended for
multi-user purposes. :-)

Note that HAL also has an option of "fixed mount points"
to be set at compile time. I think I had set it...

I'm also unsure if NFS mounts are "fixed" or "removable"
in PK terminology.

Regarding your second question, I can't provide any
further information. I just assume it's a means to
turn a safe multi-user system into an insecure
single-user system, which is what users expect. :-)

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