7.4 -> 8.2

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at a1poweruser.com
Fri Dec 23 01:36:29 UTC 2011

Albert Shih wrote:
>  Le 22/12/2011 à 14:24:26+0100, Polytropon a écrit
>>> 	For subversion you need to force upgrade neon too.
>> You should basically be able to run v7 programs in a
>> partially installed v8 environment as long as the
>> COMPAT_FREEBSD7 functionality is enabled and the
>> compat7x-i386-7.3.703000.201008_1 port or package
>> has been installed. However, kernel and world should
>> match each other.
>> After an upgrade from one major version to the next
>> one, it's the best solution to update _all_ installed
>> ports. The "man portmaster" manpage contains a nice
>> example for this situation. It should be similarly
>> easy to achieve with portupgrade.
> Yes I known. Thanks for the tips. 
> My problem is with almost 15 jails on each server (I got 3) that's take
> long time, event during this time I don't do many thing some service isn't
> up. 
> So my message is to find the minimal thing to do and make it's working
> until all package is rebuild. 
> Regards.
>> Polytropon
>> Magdeburg, Germany
>> Happy FreeBSD user since 4.0
> I'm from 3.2 ;-)
> Regards.

If you had used the qjail port to install your jails, upgrading between 
major versions is easy. Maybe this is the time to change the way you 
create your jails.

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