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Fri Dec 23 00:59:25 UTC 2011

Absolutely go distributed vcs over centralized. Keeping code always under version control, even when local in your sandbox, is extremely powerful. And since a distributed vcs can be used as a centralized vcs, there's really no technical reason to use a centralized vcs.

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> I would advise staying away from mercurial (aka hg). It has a 
> lot of issues with corruption of repositories. Git does the same 
> and is a lot more mature and stable. 

Do you have any references re Mercurial repo corruption?

I originally started using Mercurial a couple years ago because NetBeans had built-in support, but the command set is consistent and uniform, Bryan O'Sullivan's Definitive Guide is excellent, and TortoiseHg/HgWorkbench work flawlessly on Windows (I use the command line or the Natilus plugin when not on Windows). No argument that git has the mindshare, although arguably due more to github than git itself. Googling will show there are major projects using Mercurial as well.


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