umask not applied

Bastien Semene admin_freebsd at
Thu Dec 22 18:14:21 UTC 2011

Hi list,

I'm trying to apply a umask of "002" to user "user" (username changed 
for this example) while logged-in through ftpd.
I used login class "class" (class name changed for this example)

I edited /etc/login.conf and set at the bottom (there's no other entry 
for this user):
then rebuilt the db :
#cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf

I assigned the user to this class:
#pw usermod user -L class
#pw usershow user
user:*:1003:80:class:0:0:bla bla:/home/user:/bin/sh
(group 80 is why I need this umask)

The user still creates folders with 755 permissions through ftpd.

So I switched to this user and watched the umask, it is still 0022.

I tried setting the umask on the fly :
$umask 0002
It works.

There's no user-defined umask in ~/.login or ~/.login_conf

I took care of typos and there is no error.
#uname -r

As what I read in the man pages I checked all the possibilities in the 
login mechanism, so if anyone has an idea it's welcome :)

Thanks !

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