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Chris Hill chris at
Thu Dec 22 01:48:13 UTC 2011

Hello list,

I apologize for this posting being not-much-on-topic, but my other 
resources have come to naught and I think you folks may have some 
experience in this area.

I'm looking to set up some sort of revision control system at work. Simple 
enough, except that our situation is approximately the reverse of what 
most revision control systems are designed for.

Unlike, e.g., FreeBSD kernel development, we have dozens or hundreds of 
small, rapid-fire projects that are created at the rate of 3 to 20 per 
month. They last a few days or a few months and are (usually) not 
developed afterward. Each project has one to three developers working on 
it, sometimes simultaneously. Usually it's one guy per project.

Since my programmers are not necessarily UNIX-savvy, I'd like to deploy a 
web interface for them which will allow them to create new repositories 
(projects) as well as the normal checkin, checkout, etc. I want to set 
this up once, and from there on have the programmers deal with managing 
their own repos. And heaven forfend exposing them to the horrors of the 

I've built a test server (9.0-RC3, amd64) for experimenting with this 
stuff. So far I've installed and played with:
  - fossil. I like the simplicity and light weight, but it doesn't seem to 
allow creation of new repos at all (let alone multiple ones) from the web 
interface, and the documentation is meager. I've pretty much given up on 
  - subversion, which looks like the heavy hitter of RCSs, but it's not at 
all clear to me how to handle the multiple-project scenario. Still working 
on it.
  - git looks promising, but I have not installed it yet.

If anyone can point me to a tool that might be suitable, I would be most 

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