two TOTALLY diff questions.

David J. Weller-Fahy dave-lists-freebsd-questions at
Thu Dec 22 01:45:10 UTC 2011

* Gary Kline <kline at> [2011-12-21 19:54 -0500]:
> the first one is a bit off topic because our vim  and the vim on linux
> may differ.  but does anybody know how to get rid of the file and
> file~ OR, pref, turn the file~ into "file.bak"?  i thought there was a
> areadme in .vimrc, but i don't see it.

Check out ":help backupext" while in vim.  I learned something new by
finding this out, so thanks!

> #2 q is out in the ozone.

No idea on this one. ;)

dave [ please don't CC me ]
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