Perl Upgrade And Mailscanner Woes

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Wed Dec 21 15:28:47 UTC 2011

On 21/12/2011 14:59, Tim Daneliuk wrote:
> Almost every time there is a perl upgrade, it manages to break
> Mailscanner even after running perl-after-upgrade.  The solution
> ends up being a reinstall of Mailscanner, but this is a real pain,
> because you have to delete and reinstall every dependent perl
> package used by Mailscanner.

Something is going wrong with your upgrade process.  If you're doing a
minor version upgrade of perl (eg. from 5.x.y to 5.x.y+1), then almost
all perl modules (including XS) only need to be moved into the new
${LOCALBASE}/lib/perl5/site-perl/5.x.y+1 directory tree, which is
basically what perl-after-upgrade does.

A few packages which embed a perl interpreter would need recompiling,
but you could count those on the fingers of one hand.

Are you sure you are using perl-after-upgrade correctly?  You do
understand that just running:

   # perl-after-upgrade

doesn't actually modify anything on disk: instead it shows you what
needs to be done.  To actually effect the change you need to run:

   # perl-after-upgrade -f

Then rebuild and reinstall any packages it says need rebuilding.
If it has worked properly then almost all of the contents of
${LOCALBASE}/lib/perl5/site-perl/5.x.y will be gone, and that whole
directory tree should be able to be deleted without consequence.

Of course if your update is from perl 5.x.y to 5.x+1.z then you really
do need to recompile and reinstall all perl modules and anything else
that depends on perl.  perl-after-upgrade is not effective in this case.



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