HP LaserJet Pro P1102 stops responding after a while

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Subject: HP LaserJet Pro P1102 stops responding after a while

But what I do find is that my laser printer also goes into sleep mode to save
power and life...which is a good thing. And most of the time when it does
the lpd deamon stops working as well. When I check the status with lpq it
tells me there is no deamon present. I just stop lpd and restart it to get
things working again and all is fine. I am a real paperless type of person
these days so I hardly ever print anything. I often turn my printer off for
weeks, even months at a time and then when I turn it back on most of the
time the the above scenario happens. On rare occassions the lpd deamon
works fine without having to restart it. But most of the time a restart of
lpd is required. Your setup using CUPS and SAMBA may not be the same.

I put HP LaserJet Pro P1102 on a CUPS server with Samba. I followed the steps as shown here:

except I have 7.4-RELEASE, so I recompiled the kernel without ulpt device as suggested in foo2zjs site (INSTALL notes on FreeBSD 7), and the printer is now on ugen0.1.

After installation, the printer became available in CUPS, I could print a test page, then I exported CUPS and WINDOWS postscript drivers to Samba with cupsaddsmb.

Then I added the printer on some Windows XP workstations, and the shared driver installed automatically as expected.

The problem is that after some idle minutes, the printer stops responding. The job just disappears from the queue, but nothing prints. The same thing on the CUPS web interface. If I restart cupsd, the printer prints again. But as soon as try printing from another workstation, it's again silent. Really weird.

I found in the HP manual that it has an economic usage "feature" that by default is set to switch the printer off after 5 minutes being idle. The printer should switch on again when a new job is sent. This can be disabled but only with a native HP driver (don't really understand where it happens -- on the host the printer is attached to or within the printer's firmware). I tried to install the HP Windows driver on a workstation, attached the printer directly to it, disabled the switching off, sent a job from there as told in the manual but it didn't help. But maybe the 'economic usage feature' isn't the reason.

Any ideas of what could be wrong?
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I cannot say this for sure about your setup because mine is a little different.

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