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It is not a question, but an information.

I have created a TeX and al. distribution, pure C89 under a BSD like
license, that has been tested under NetBSD and Plan9; has been reported
to compile under Linux and FreeBSD, and should simply compile

It is light. Has all the latest versions of Donald E. Knuth's programs
and fonts, plus Tomas Rockiki's dvips(1), John Hobby's MetaPost,
Oren Patashnik's bibtex(1), the AMS fonts and more.

One can compile the LaTeX package with it (see the README/LISEZ.MOI).

The programs depend on strictly nothing except the standard C library.

It is a matter of less than 10Mb to download for sources. A matter of
typically less than 5 minutes to compile; less than 5 minutes to install
including the generation of fonts etc.

Since I'm reaching the 1.0 target (the only remaining thing to do is add
back the X11 display rendering for METAFONT), I think it's time for
kerTeX to be more widely known.

It's here:


and please to download and read! the README.

        Thierry Laronde <tlaronde +AT+ polynum +dot+ com>
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