FreeBSD on Amazon AWS EC2 for production servers?

Jostein Stuhaug js at
Sun Dec 18 12:15:32 UTC 2011

Den 17.12.2011 14:31, skrev Nikola Pavlović:
> On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 09:42:01PM -0500, firmdog at wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Amazon AWS offers a free tier service for the first year, for one
>> running instance of FreeBSD (and other OS's) It's a great place to
>> experiment for free if you don't have any spare hardware. I have
>> installed a few FreeBSD servers up there and it seems to work fine,
>> and I would like to take some servers up in the AWS system. Here is
>> some information to look at:
>> I posted the following on the AWS EC2 forum with no response,
>> therefore asking here to see if anyone is using EC2:
>> Is anyone running production servers using the FreeBSD 8.2 AMI on EC2?
>> I want to take my servers up to AWS and run DNS, email, web, mysql,
>> apache, ssl, etc... mainly to have reliable power and I like the
>> versatility at AWS. For those on FreeBSD up here in AWS, how is it
>> working? Stable? Reliable? Any gotchas or knows issues you can share?
>> Any comments or feedback would be awesome to read!
> > From how I understood a Twit podcast on the subject featuring cperciva@ who
> did the porting, runs on FreeBSD.  Since it's a
> commercial service I can only assume it works good enough(tm), but I
> really have no first hand experience so consider this post wrapped in
> disclaimers :).

I've been running a free micro instance with FreeBSD 8.2 for some months 
now, I cant say it's a real production server, it's just running a small 
homecooked cms system with very light traffic, but freebsd seems to be 
stable. I've never had any problems, and have compiled ports without 
problems. My instance is running git, jetty webserver and h2 database on 
openjdk, with nginx as a front.

Current uptime is 71 days.


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