some troble with compilation of newkernel

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Sat Dec 17 18:31:45 UTC 2011

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> Subject: some troble with compilation of newkernel
> Hi users!
> I`ve got freeBSD8.2 system. Before the assemblage of a kernel the file 
> has been checked up by config. The syntax of a file was correct.
> But the compilation was not completed
> About the error see the log lile, and the remaining information about 
> the hardware and the kernel file

You are missing one or more 'options' or 'device' specifications from
the configuration file.

The "dependencies" involving configuration options are not well documented, 
And there are a few options that are -not- really 'optional', despite their
name.  <wry grin>

You should start with the 'GENERIC' kernel config, and make 'small' changes,
*testing* with a compile attempt after each such change, until you get to
the kernel configuration you need.

>From the error messages, it appears you are missing 'options LIBALIAS',
a keyboard-related device, and something to do with the clock.

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