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Subject: booting

I am really interested in Freebsd or PC-BSD but unfortunately every time
when I download an ISO of either of them and try to boot up (from the
DVD-ROM) my machine will not boot up (Laptop PackardBell).
Any insight?  Thanks and much regard.


Maxime-Etienne de Gier <maxime.etienne at>

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We have to start with the basics here:

1. You say you download the iso but you don't indicate that your burn the iso to DVD. Sorry, don't mean to cast any doubts on your ability but we get lots of posts from new users who simply copy the iso file to a DVD and then expect it to boot. The iso file must be translated by a program like Nero, or burncd in order to make it bootable.

2. What exactly are the error messages you are seeing on the screen at the time it attempts to boot?

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