Replacing FreeBSD Base System's BIND

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Fri Dec 16 12:22:56 UTC 2011

On 16/12/2011 10:04, Iqbal Aroussi wrote:
> After installing FreeBSD 8.2, I noticed it's using BIND 9.6 but in ports
> collection there is newer versions 9.7 and 9.8.
> I'd like to know if there is any advantages in upgrading BIND to 9.8
> instead of using the base install version.
> I'd really appreciate if you can give me some hints of the best way to do
> it for future needs while retaining all the advantages
> of the base install configuration.
> I found this article on the net "
>" but it's seems
> to be outdated
> *
> PS: I'm new FreeBSD convert user coming from Linux world :)

It depends what you're using bind for.

If you are serving domains to the public in something more than a
trivial way, then yes, using the latest ports version is recommended.

Otherwise, there's little to choose one way versus the other.  Using the
base system bind is less effort, and you'll get automatic patching of
any significant problems assuming you're keeping the system up to date
by any of the recognised methods.

Also, if you do choose to use the ports version, to keep things simple,
I'd recommend not *replacing* the base system bind.  This means you'll
still be able to use services like freebsd-update(8) without any hassle.
 Simply install the ports version dns/bind98 under /usr/local, and then
something like this in your /etc/rc.conf will switch to using that
version.  Note -- still uses the standard /etc/rc.d/named startup script.


You'll tend to get the base system version of applications like dig(1)
with this unless you tweak $PATH or some such.  However, there's very
little difference between the client-side apps in recent bind versions,
and if you do happen to run into an area where there are significant
changes, all you need to do is run /usr/local/bin/dig instead.



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