opening vim with a flag: ready to write?

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On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 11:44:15PM -0500, Karl Vogel wrote:
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> >> On Wed, 14 Dec 2011 16:42:31 -0800
> >> Gary Kline <kline at> may have said:
> G> is the a way of starting off vim or gvim and be able to type into the
> G> editor _without_ first typing: a,i,o,O,I,A, or any other character?
>    The command
>        vim --cmd start /some/file
>    works for new files, and puts you into insert mode on the first line of
>    an existing file.
>    If you want to have vim start by appending to an existing file, use
>    something like
>        echo >> /some/file
>        vim + --cmd start /some/file

	i was thinking about something your second option; but i've
	tried victor's suggestion.  it works.
>    to append a line first, or your session will start in "insert" mode with
>    the cursor at the beginning of the last line.

	i am putting my /bin/sh script into gtk a`short program to
	help the speech impaired or mute.  i posted my script last
	month to show how with espeak -f <textfile>.  i'll use gvim
	or kate because of the abbrfev feature.  my last question
	is: is there any way of ending textfile1 with one keystroke
	unstead of the standard "ECS:x[<enter>]"  --yeah, i've got
	the src, but i'd rather not.

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