freebsd is really bsd?

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Tue Dec 13 16:01:57 UTC 2011

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> Subject: freebsd is really bsd?
> hi,
> Is freebsd simply bsd name, means it is free so they appended the word
> 'free' is it like this?
Any of the '*BSD' named operating systems trace their ancestery to various
software released by the C.S.R.G. at the University of California at
Berkeley, under the name of a 'Berkeley Software Distributin', or "BSD"
for short.  None of the ancestor software used in this way was a complete,
runnable and working working Operating System.   Any 'runnable' O/S 
distributed by UCB/CSRG under the 'BSD' name also required a license from

FreeBSD _is_ free from any licensing 'encumberments' that would prevent 
one from using it 'as they see fit', subject *only* to retaining certain
accreditations aind copyright notices in the source code, and in any
docucmentationt that accompines a 'binary'/'executable'.

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