9.0 install and journaling

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Tue Dec 13 15:10:09 UTC 2011

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> On 12/13/11 06:00, Eric S Pulley wrote:
>>> As for one big / partition- linux may be using it: and its their biggest
>>> failing! I've had a system lockup due to lack of space. Never a problem
>>> with bsd as logs will only fill up var, a user won't break it with
>>> filling up usr, etc. And root always stays protected! Its saved my life
>>> a number of times... I can quickly fill TB's of data in no time, and if
>>> something goes bang the logs can be a silent killer too. My 2c's
>>> anyway... _______________________________________________
>> And along those lines for security of the system, this is the U.S. DoD
>> recommendations (well mandates really) including ZFS. Not that the DoD
>> doesn’t have security problems... but I’m not big fan of the one or
>> two mount point solution either… never understood why other OS
>> packagers think is okay to just dump it all under /
>> Per the DISA STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide)
>> / (obviously)
>> /<home directories)>
>> /var
>> /tmp
>> /<location of audit files>
>> should all be separate mount points "The use of separate file systems for
>> different paths can protect the system from failures resulting from a
>> file system becoming full or failing"...
>> in addition...
>> All local file systems must employ journaling or another mechanism that
>> ensures file system consistency.
>> Removable media, remote file systems, and any file system that does not
>> contain approved device files must be mounted with the "nodev" option.

>> Removable media, remote file systems, and any file system that does not
>> contain approved setuid files must be mounted with the "nosuid" option.
>> The nosuid option must be enabled on all NFS client mounts.
>> and so on... you can find a copy of the UNIX STIG online and some of it
>> is just crazy paranoia and makes your life a pain, but there are a lot of
>> good practices in it too.
> I don't think any of it crazy paranoia. A PITA, maybe, but not paranoid.
> Do you have a link to the original of it?

Lots more there than just UNIX too. I find that the newer "SRG" xml files 
are easier to just load into a browsers and read the recommendations rather 
than pouring through the big sections in the STIGs.

Or just do the checklists. There are no *BSD specific ones but the the 
generic UNIX STIG works good (probably because at this point *BSD is 
basically the reference implementation of UNIX or at least it should be... 
damn Linux)

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