difference between cvsup and csup?

Manolis Kiagias sonicy at otenet.gr
Mon Dec 12 07:27:27 UTC 2011

On 12/12/2011 7:39 πμ, Robert Huff wrote:
> Michael Powell writes:
>>   Csup is a rewrite of cvsup in the C language, and as such can be
>>   included as part of the base operating system. It is only linked
>>   against a few system libraries. This also means it can be built
>>   using the same tools and system compiler whenever the system
>>   itself is updated.
>>   Csup is faster, built-in, and has no third party
>>   dependencies. Theoretically it should have less potential for
>>   problems. Cvsup is a third party port, which itself depends on
>>   other third party ports.
> 	I believe there are a couple of obscure functionalities that
> cvsup has that csup does not.  If you're asking this question, you
> (probably) don't have to worry about them.
> 	For the general user, csup is a drop-in replacement.  My
> expereince - as a general user - supports this.
> 			Robert Huff

It used to be (some versions ago) that csup only handled checkout mode 
and not CVS mode (that is, a mode of operation that allows you to mirror 
a complete CVS repository which in effect allows you to checkout and 
commit locally to your copy). This was for me the only reason to keep 
cvsup around. But csup has caught up with this functionality eliminating 
the need to install and use cvsup, esp. since csup is part of the base 

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