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On 12/12/11 15:49, saeedeh motlagh wrote:
> my freebsd is 8.2 and i have four interfaces which two of them are gbeth
> and two others are igb. i think the interfaces are ok beacuse when i bridge
> two interfaces, it works fine.
> i use the below command to create my bridge:
> ifconfig bridge0 create
> ifconfig bridge0 addm gbeth0 addm igb0 addm igb1 addm gbeth1 up
> what is wrong here? it's so necessary for me to doing this:(
Is it any 2 interfaces? What command do you use to get the 2 interfaces 
> On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 5:16 PM, Da Rock<
> freebsd-questions at>  wrote:
>> On 12/11/11 23:31, saeedeh motlagh wrote:
>>> hello everybody
>>> i have a problem in bridging my interfaces. i want to bridge my 4
>>> interfaces and make switching in freebsd box but in doesn't work. with two
>>> interfaces the bridge works well and pass the traffic but for four
>>> interfaces in doesn't what is expected. you know i want to have a freebsd
>>> sysytem to do switching between four systems which are connected to.
>>> somebody know what's wrong? and how i can bridge my four interfaces and
>>> have switching?
>>> thanks
>>> motlagh
>>>   Can you supply information on what devices you are using for your
>> switches? Ifconfig, pciconf -lv
>> Which version are you using? uname -a
>> What commands are you using to setup switching?
>> What diagnostics have you done? How do you know it doesn't work?
>> Good luck. I'm sure someone can help if you provide that information,
>> although they may need more.
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