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Sun Dec 11 13:49:33 UTC 2011

On 12/11/11 23:31, saeedeh motlagh wrote:
> hello everybody
> i have a problem in bridging my interfaces. i want to bridge my 4
> interfaces and make switching in freebsd box but in doesn't work. with two
> interfaces the bridge works well and pass the traffic but for four
> interfaces in doesn't what is expected. you know i want to have a freebsd
> sysytem to do switching between four systems which are connected to.
> somebody know what's wrong? and how i can bridge my four interfaces and
> have switching?
> thanks
> motlagh
Can you supply information on what devices you are using for your 
switches? Ifconfig, pciconf -lv

Which version are you using? uname -a

What commands are you using to setup switching?

What diagnostics have you done? How do you know it doesn't work?

Good luck. I'm sure someone can help if you provide that information, 
although they may need more.

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