9.0 install and journaling

Warren Block wblock at wonkity.com
Sat Dec 10 22:14:10 UTC 2011

On Sun, 11 Dec 2011, Da Rock wrote:

> GPT is cool - no problems there. The main thing I want to know is if I need 
> to run fsck every time the system dies unexpectedly (which is a higher 
> occurrence on a laptop)? GJournal helps in that it takes care of that. The 
> growing size of drives is another concern given the time it takes to check a 
> 500G disk (my smallest atm), although this is way down on the list for the 
> moment.

SUJ speeds up the check a lot, seconds as opposed to minutes.  If 
something happens to the journal, it falls back to a standard fsck.

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