Problems with keyboard on the loader menu

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>Subject: Problems with keyboard on the loader menu
>I'm having troubles with my keyboard when the bootstrapping reach the
>loader menu. My Keyboard simply doesn't works, but before and after the
>loader menu my keyboard works very well. I have seen BIOS settings like USB
>keyboard and nothing is helping. I didn't no one kernel tuning, I'm using
>GENERIC. The Server is a HP Proliant DL120 G6. Does anyone here can help me?
>Airton Arantes Coelho Filho

I have found that I have to do the following on some of our Proliant G5's -

  # cd /
  # echo "-P" > boot.conf

Also, are you using the VGA or the serial console?  We enable both (our serial
consoles are connected to terminal servers for remote access and VGA is used
for the physical access).  Our keyboards are USB.

This is with FreeBSD 8.0 AMD64

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