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>I keep getting garbage text when I connect to my Lanier here at work... an
>I used to be able to print to it but never in color... not the end of the
>world but I want to be able to print to it again.
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>>> Subject: CUPS and IPP/JD/LPD
>>> I have a printer that doesn't support IPP. The leasing agency wants to
>>> charge me $1400 to "install" the Postcript driver on it but I'm looking
>>> another solution, if possible: CUPS.
>>> I have a MacBook and we have a number of iOS devices around the office
>>> that people would love to be able to print from... but AirPrint requires
>>> IPP-compatible printer.
>>> Is there a way to convert or translate IPP to either LPD or JetDirect?
>>> --
>>> Ryan
>> Ryan,
>> I use JetDirect with my Apple devices.  I print to a HP OfficeJet 7310
>> with no problems.
>> I had and older HP Color inkjet (930?) that was hooked up for a while to a
>> Core box that was using LPD that worked as well.


What does the garbage text look like?  PCL?  or Postscript?  I'm not familiar with
the Lanier printers.

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